Knowing exactly what you are getting with your Scooter or Motorcycle is as important as enjoying the first ride itself. At MG WHEELS we have set strict guidelines for the level of service we want to offer you. 

This FAQ is designed to address some of the wider Frequently Asked Questions posed by existing or new Buyers. 

  1. I can't find the purchase button! Can I buy my Bike Directly from you?

We provide our scooter and motorcycle models through our MG WHEELS Operations Office situated at Level 8, The Plaza Commercial Centre, Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM 1640, Malta or via our Exclusive Authorised Dealer – STERLING Auto Sales and Rentals Ltd., of Testaferrata Street, Ta’ Xbiex, Malta. This way you can inspect your chosen bike closely, and seek first hand expert advice in a friendly manner offered only at MG WHEELS and STERLING Auto Sales and Rentals. Buying a bike is a serious decision. We want to make sure you are passionate and completely satisfied with your choice of model and for you to benefit from the caring support we have to offer. For this reason, we promote and market our bikes online, but prefer to sell through face to face meetings.

  1. Do you or your Authorised Dealers offer finance?

At this stage MG WHEELS has decided not to offer credit finance due to the low priced bikes offered. Furthermore, it currently pays potential Buyers to get a small bank loan from one of the local banks whose bank interest charges are far more favourable. We may offer an alternative finance option in due course, but not at this moment in time.

  1. What if you or Authorised Dealer doesn't have the model I want?

If you have set your heart on a particular model and MG WHEELS or our Authorised Dealer have not got it in stock, then please Contact Us immediately.  We can place an order immediately upon a 30% deposit by the Buyer. We can then have the bike delivered to Malta within 2-weeks, subject to stock availability by our foreign Supplier.

  1. What can I expect to get when I buy the bike?

All bikes will be fully assembled, have a Pre-Delivery-Inspection, and a 2-Year Warranty. The Buyer’s purchase price is inclusive of VAT at 18%. Not included in the Buyer’s purchase is Transport Malta’s €10 bike registration fee, the €15 processing fee and €35 number plate charge. Your new bike is VRT free, although you must still take care of the bike by keeping it regularly serviced and roadworthy at all times. We are there to help you get on the road, and stay there safely.

  1. What isn't provided that I would need to ride on the road?

Typically insurance and a helmet aren't provided with the sale of the bike. Both are legal requirements here in Malta and Gozo to ride on the road.

  1. Obviously I'm going to need insurance, who do you recommend?

We have a number of insurance companies who have insured our bikes in the past, however we strongly recommend that you initially approach your regular insurance or broker for coverage. Should you encounter difficulties, we can try to assist you in acquiring fire and theft insurance. Naturally, insurance coverage is dependent on age and type of policy acceptable by the prospective insurance company or broker.

  1. What approval does your bike have?

All our road legal scooter and motorcycles are road legal and EU approved.

  1. What is a PDI?

PDI stands for pre-delivery inspection. All bikes are given a rigorous set of checks and tests prior to the bike being given to its new owner.  

  1. How do I take care of my bike?

If you take good care of your bike and perform regular servicing, the bike can last you a lifetime. Regardless of make, model and materials used, if you treat any bike poorly then it will simply not last. If on the other hand you take good care of your bike, by cleaning it regularly and most importantly keep to a regular maintenance schedule, then you can expect many years of pleasurable trouble free riding.

  1. What does my warranty cover?

The warranty you get with your bike is based on a healthy maintenance schedule you perform on your bike which is essential to keeping your warranty valid. Warranties exclude any parts/products that are not serviced, maintained, used or stored in accordance with the recommended procedures. Good user practices are common sense.

  1. I have basic knowledge about scooter and motorcycle maintenance, where can I buy parts?

Firstly, be very careful when replacing any part of your bike. It is very important that you know what you are doing, as you may invalidate your warranty by performing your own repairs or maintenance. However, if you are experienced in repairing your bike then we can provide a full range of spare parts for all your model needs. We highly recommend that you order your spare parts through our dealers, but if you are certain of the part that you need you can order and purchase them online via our website and Parts section.